Using technology in the history classroom

Author: Dave Stacey
Published: 12/05/2022
Students in a school computer lab

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With the rapid pace of change in technology, it’s easy to feel swamped when asked to ‘integrate technology’ into your classroom. In fact, without a clear sense of what you’re hoping to achieve, this can become a distraction.

These 20 ideas are intended to provide some food for thought, regardless of how comfortable you feel with technology or how much of it you have access to. Some just extend things you’re probably already doing. Others may be whole new opportunities. Some will allow you to make really effective use of devices in student hands, but if you don’t have that option, others provide clever integration between the analogue and digital.

Whichever you pick, try it with one class and see how you get on. If it works, make it part of your teaching toolkit. If it doesn’t, try something else. And let me know how you get on by tweeting me @davestacey.

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Dave Stacey

Dave is a lecturer in Initial Teacher Education at the University of Wales, Trinity St David. He taught History, ICT and the Welsh Baccalaureate for 13 years at a large 11–18 comprehensive school in Swansea, where he was the school’s e-learning coordinator. He can be found on Twitter @davestacey