20 tips for surviving and thriving during teacher training

Author: Teachit's editorial team
Published: 17/08/2020

Confident training teacher

  1. Use any methods you can to learn the names of students as quickly as possible. It is very powerful to use students’ names and will help hugely with your classroom management. (You might like our resource, 20 tips for remembering students' names.)
  2. When observing lessons, make a note of all the successful classroom management techniques you notice. Often the subtlest techniques are the most successful.
  3. Ask questions of colleagues! It’s your opportunity to access years of advice from both new and experienced teachers.
  4. Ask to observe parent/teacher meetings to help guide you as to how to deal with parents and respond to common concerns.
  5. Remember that every lesson when you are training will move you forward in one way or another. Even disasters can be positive, because we learn from our mistakes.
  6. Network as much as possible, whether it’s on social media, in your staffroom or at training courses and events. You’ll find that teachers are incredibly supportive of new colleagues, and other teachers’ stories and experiences are often profoundly reassuring.
  7. Share your love of your subject with students. If something inspires or interests you, your enthusiasm will be infectious to others.
  8. Show that you care about your students’ achievements and that you really want to help them to succeed. Students often respond positively when they feel you are on their side.
  9. Never compare your teaching with another teacher’s.
  10. Collect successful lesson plans/resources from other trainees/experienced teachers to add to your bank of resources.

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Teachit's editorial team

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