Surviving as an ECT

Author: Teachit's editorial team
Published: 17/08/2020

Surviving as a new teacher

  1. Focus on what went well, not on what was less successful. It is often easier to think about the negatives but remember to stay positive.

  2. Try to learn the names of your new students quickly and spend the first few weeks getting to know each student. It will really help you develop a positive relationship with your students in the long term.

  3. Celebrate/keep all the positive feedback you receive from the class/parents and other teachers. It makes all your hard work feel worth it!

  4. Keep up a hobby/interest – although you may be time poor, it is important to make time for yourself and do something you love!

  5. When marking day-to-day work, stick to one marking focus, rather than trying to correct everything. 

  6. Remember it does get easier! Many teachers say that the first year is the hardest.

  7. Accept that you cannot be the master of all subjects or topics. Each year, make it your goal to focus on one new topic or subject area to develop your knowledge and confidence.

  8. Displays can be difficult to keep on top of. Set up a rota whereby pairs or groups of students have responsibility for maintaining one of the boards to display current learning. Try our 20 tips for quick and easy displays

  9. Parents’ meetings can be tiring. To help keep yours on track, use your phone timer to help you (and parents) stick to the appointment time. You might find our guide to managing parents' evenings useful. 

  10. Find a working pattern that you can live with. Some teachers mark and plan in the evenings and have weekends (mostly) free. Others work mostly at weekends and in the holidays. You need to find a sustainable way of working that suits you.

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