20 fun end-of-year ideas and activities

Author: Teachit's editorial team
Published: 04/06/2024

End-of-year activities for key stage 1 and key stage 2

Whether creating unique memory books, holding a classroom awards day or embarking on outdoor explorations, there's something for every class and every child. For more useful resources, projects and activity ideas for the end of the school year, explore our end-of-term resource collection.

  1. Memory book. Create memory books that document achievements and memories from the school year. This can make an engaging project and children will love swapping and sharing their memory books to collect autographs and notes from their friends.

  2. Classroom awards. Hold a classroom awards day. Awards could be serious or funny, but they should celebrate each child's strengths and characteristics. These classroom awards and certificates focus on both personal and academic qualities.

  3. Time capsule. Have the class create a time capsule, to be opened by their future selves. They can include letters to their future selves, objects of importance or predictions about the future.

  4. Classroom play. Put on a play or musical that children can perform for the school or their parents. This is a fun way to end the year and can build teamwork skills.

  5. Indoor Olympics. Organise a sports event with various games and activities. This encourages physical activity and team play. This school heptathlon is a great indoor option using everyday items and encourages children to use their maths skills.

  6. Art exhibition. Host an art exhibition displaying the children's best artwork from the year. Invite parents and other classes to view the exhibition.

  7. Reflection circle. Hold a reflection circle where children can share their favourite memories from the year, what they learned, and their hopes for the next year.

  8. Classroom clean-up. Turn cleaning the classroom into a fun game. This teaches responsibility and teamwork.

  9. Book bingo. Help children explore their interest in books to share with others with book bingo. Combine with a book swap where children bring in a book they enjoyed and swap it for another. This encourages reading and sharing.

  10. End-of-year quizzes: Create a quiz that covers all the things the children learned during the year. This can be a fun way to review and reflect on the year's learning. These Year 2 and Year 6 end-of-year quizzes are perfect for reviewing key stage 1 and key stage 2. Or try the Brilliant book quiz! to test children’s knowledge of books from Reception through to year 6.

  1. Robotics competition. Organise a robotics competition where students can design and build their robots using kits or recycled materials, showcasing their creativity and understanding of mechanical and electronic principles.

  2. Cooking class. Organise a cooking class where children can learn how to prepare a simple dish. This can be a fun way to teach them about nutrition and healthy eating, as well as basic cooking skills.

  3. Storytelling workshop: Organise a storytelling workshop where students can craft narratives and share them with the class. This can foster creativity, improve communication skills and help students appreciate the art of storytelling. Try these story openers and teaching ideas to help get you started.

  4. Class picnic: Have a class picnic in a local park or the school grounds. This can be a relaxed and enjoyable way to end the year. You could even create picnic food during your cooking class!

  5. Charity event: Organise a charity event, such as a bake sale or fun run, where children can raise money for a good cause.

  6. Plan a holiday: Have children plan and budget for a holiday. They can decide on a destination, and research the costs of flights, accommodation, activities and so on. They could even design a postcard to send!

  7. Treasure hunt. Complete a treasure hunt around the classroom or school. Clues can be related to puzzle-solving, completing challenges, making observations and so on.

  8. Class games. These whole class games inspire a love of words and are suitable for any age from Reception to year 6. For even more games to play with your class, try our classroom games templates.

  9. Pen pal project: Start a pen pal project with a class from another country. This can be a fun way to learn about different cultures and practice writing skills.

  10. Outdoor exploration. Take the class for a nature walk or try an outdoor learning activity. This encourages an appreciation for nature and can be a fun, hands-on learning experience.

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