Celebrate books and reading on World Book Day 2023

Author: Kate Lee
Published: 06/02/2023

World Book Day 2022

As English teachers, books have changed us, moved us and even shaped our career choices. A love of books has defined us. 

So, we understand just how vital it is for students to see themselves positively as 'readers' who want to read, and how reading skills can lead to significant gains for young people, personally and academically, as the OECD's PISA data reminds us.

Research also tells us that almost one in seven children will transition from primary school to secondary school as a 'struggling' reader, and we know that the reading gap has been extended by the disruption to education following the pandemic (DfE & EEF, 2021). This reading gap affects students’ academic outcomes in all subjects at GCSE and younger, disadvantaged students most acutely. Most worryingly, it can also affect their self-confidence and self-worth.

World Book Day, a celebration of the power of reading to change lives and the joy of reading, has never felt more important. Here are some ideas to inspire your planning for World Book Day 2023 on March 2nd.

For whole-school ideas and fun activities, 20 ideas for World Book Day will help you to celebrate the day in style. Try the suggestions for pop-up reading cafes and book clubs or supersized displays to capture the magic of books and the unmitigated joy of reading. 

If you want to anticipate WBD and develop a reading culture over the longer term with younger students, try The Great Reading Race, a flexible, differentiated reading challenge on a sporting theme, which includes recommendation postcards, certificates and posters to motivate readers to find their new favourite book.

For lesson ideas, 10 fun and quick ideas for World Book Day delivers exactly what it promises, with quick quizzes, starters and no-prep suggestions you can integrate into any lesson to celebrate books and reading.

For whole-class activities, Book review task mat is a cleverly scaffolded resource which leads to engagingly written book reviews, perfect for a class display on the big day. Flexible lesson ideas for World Book Day includes a range of engaging activities including book vlogs and a set of suggestions for flash fiction circuits.  

Reluctant readers sometimes need a little nudge to get on board with World Book Day activities. Advertise me! is a complete lesson that helps students to think differently about books. It's perfect for a group speaking and listening task. 

You'll find more printable resources and worksheets in our World Book Day collection, as well as book quizzes which are perfect if you have a tutor group, such as Brilliant book quiz, with a range of fun, themed questions (with answers) on children's and YA books and favourite characters.

This article was first published as an Editor's pick newsletter.  

Kate Lee

Kate Lee is a Senior Content Lead at Teachit, and a former head of English and Performing Arts.