Book review task mat

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Ted Underwood-Webb
 Book review task mat
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This brilliantly simple but versatile template or task mat helps students to write their own book review. 

Using an exemplar review of Michael Morpurgo's novel Private Peaceful to show students what to aim for. The resource includes a selection of short summarising and dual-coding tasks to help them to engage with their chosen text and the main character, along with success criteria.

Includes a PowerPoint version for display in lessons and could be used in any reading or library lesson or for World Book Day activities.  

Could also be used with Year 8 students practising for the 13+ Common Entrance examinations. 

Example tasks from the book review template: 

Reduce: In no more than 50 words, summarise the main character:

Transform: Sketch three images/symbols which represent the main character. Label with an explanation:

The text: Select at least three key words from the text that you could use in your own writing. Make sure you understand / can define them.

Criticise: ‘I would definitely recommend this book to another reader.’

To what extent do you agree?

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