Spelling strategies that work!

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Spelling strategies that work!
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In this handy spelling self-assessment, students are encouraged to experiment with a range of creative, imaginative and effective spelling strategies that help them recall spellings they may have difficulty with, and become more confident spellers. 

There are seven strategies to try, with plenty of variation and levels of complexity for students to practise for a richer and more accurate vocabulary.

This useful resource also includes a section where students can share their own spelling strategies that can help others and contribute to a class collection of tactics and tips to take forward. 

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A sample extract from the resource:

Which spelling strategies work best for you? 

To become a confident speller, you will need to try a range of strategies to see what works best for you. Look at the strategies below.

Sound the silent letters

As you write the words, sound out the silent letters in your head:

Answer (silent w)

Knowledge (silent k)

Listen (silence t)

Tried already? Score:   /10

Break it down

Break the word down and think about the sounds and syllables, such as Wed-nes-day or fri-end.

Tried already? Score:    /10

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