Spelling battleships game

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Spelling battleships game
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This fun activity is ideal for getting students involved in challenging and improving their own spelling. Based on the classic battleships game, students play against a partner to correctly spell word choices on their game board.

This spelling activity is useful for more reluctant spellers who are looking for a fun way to develop their knowledge and understanding of spelling rules and to instill a growing confidence in spelling accuracy.

If you are working to improve KS3 students' spelling, you might find this KS3 spelling list useful to identify a set of target words, or try our Homophone game, which focuses on common homophone spelling errors. 

A sample extract from the resource:

Sink and destroy!

  • Playing in pairs, add five of your own tricky spellings to the spelling battleship game grid below. Try to choose words of different lengths.
  • Take it in turns to guess a coordinate to sink your partner’s ‘ship’ (one of their spellings). For example, you would say A-1 or F-10, and they would say ‘hit’ or ‘miss’.

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