KS3 spelling list

Last updated: 15/11/2023
KS3 spelling list
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This handy resource is ideal for KS3 English students who are trying to develop increased accuracy in their spelling of common vocabulary and more challenging word choices.

The alphabetical collation guides students through a comprehensive word list that is perfect for supporting the development of their writing by helping them to practise common homophones and confusions.

This type of spelling practice is an excellent foundation ahead of GCSE studies, enabling students to identify spelling patterns, spelling rules and prepare for spelling tests.

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A sample extract from the resource:


accidentally, according, accommodation, across, actually, advertisement, against, alcohol, alliteration, a lot, although, all sorts, analyse, ancient, apologise, apostrophe, argument, assessment, atmosphere, audible, audience


beautiful, beginning, believe, beneath, build, buried, business


calendar, caught, category, certain, changeable, chocolate, column, committed, comparison, complete, cough, concentration, conclusion, conscious, conscience, consequence, consonance, continuous, creation

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