Ratio and proportion

Worksheets and activities for KS3-5

Browse our tried-and-tested teaching resources for ratio, proportion, rates of change and units for KS3, GCSE and A-Level. Perfect for introducing topics, practising skills and concepts, and for maths revision.

Our Ratio resource collection offers ratio worksheets that are great for giving your students an introduction to ratios in their simplest form, as well as for practising and revising simplifying ratios, parts of the ratio and equivalent ratios. The ratio questions in these resources include ratio problem solving, such as sharing orange juice into a given ratio or dividing a given ratio into a jigsaw puzzle, and a range of different word problems. For activities that combine ratio and proportion, head to our Proportion collection, where you’ll also find proportion problems and activities on direct and inverse proportion.

Explore units, distance, time and imperial/metric conversion with our Units teaching resource collection. Activities include drawing and interpreting conversion graphs, as well as problem-solving and real-life word problems.

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