Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

diversity, equality and inclusion resources

Schools and colleges throughout the country are working hard to improve equality of opportunity, to create a more inclusive culture of learning, to develop more diverse and representative curriculums, and to foster strong relationships between students and staff, regardless of their backgrounds.  

Creating an equal, diverse and inclusive context for learning is both a responsibility and a privilege for school leaders and for teachers. We need to build students' compassion, their emotional intelligence, their critical thinking skills and their real-world understanding and to foster mutual respect and tolerance for others' ideas. Schools also need to support teaching staff so they are equipped to engage positively and sensitively with students and to be aware of issues such as unconscious bias. 

We're proud to collaborate with a range of trusted partners to bring you downloadable resources and reading recommendations to use in the classroom to increase equal opportunities, along with EDI advice and guidance on curriculum development for staff to help your school to grow and become more inclusive.  

EDI resources from our trusted partners

EDI resources for primary schools

Resources to diversify your KS1-2 curriculum.

EDI resources for secondary schools/colleges

Resources to diversify your KS3-5 curriculum.

Tourettes Action resources

Resources for learners with Tourette Syndrome.