Celebrating World Book Day in primary schools

Author: Jo Barwell
Published: 08/02/2023

New resources for World Book Day

A quiz is a lovely event for World Book Day. Create mixed teams of younger and older children and give them this Brilliant book quiz which features questions for all ages. These teams could then form the basis of a reading buddy scheme in which older learners listen to younger children read. 

This Reading survey is a nice way to kick off some book chat and get children sharing opinions and suggestions. Although some of the questions are more suited to KS2, there are questions for all ages and it would make a nice prompt for discussion in a mixed-aged pair. 

Ideas for working with a class book features discussion points and activities for before, during and after reading. Suitable for all age groups, it works for any book of fiction.

Match the genre or text type is a great starter activity in which children match short book extracts to – you guessed it – the correct genre or text-type. Children are then asked to write their own extract for a partner to identify. 

Finally, these quick World Book Day quizzes are a nice way to end the day. 

There are, of course, more resources for World Book Day on the site, along with an extensive collection of book-based resources.

If you're looking for classroom strategies for reluctant or struggling readers, this article by James and Diane Murphy, 12 ideas for effective reading intervention, contains some excellent advice. And for useful ideas to involve parents and carers in the joy of reading, try our resource Reading at home.

However you choose to mark World Book Day, enjoy!

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Jo Barwell

Senior Content Lead