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Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Our templates packs have been designed to support your teaching in any subject at KS3, GCSE and KS5.

These templates aim to support vocabulary development – encouraging students to engage in meaningful ways with words and narrowing the word gap.

Many schools now recognise the importance of disciplinary literacy, and targeted vocabulary development and accelerated word learning can be an important strategy to improve literacy in every subject.  

These templates are designed to support the teaching of tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary and offer a variety of approaches to helping students explore new vocabulary and have fun with words.

Best embedded in the lesson as part of the development of a student’s specialist language, they also work well to support revision, independent study and homework.

What's included?

  • 13 adaptable templates including a Frayer diagram, vocab wheel, a word frame and a knowledge organiser
  • teaching ideas, games and displays.

What's inside?

Introduction for teachers (pages 4-5)

Frayer diagram template (pages 6-9)

Vocab wheel template (pages 10-11)

Hexagon template (pages 12-13)

Word bunting template (pages 14-15)

Word frames template (pages 16-18)

Word bookmark template (pages 19-20)

Word dice template (pages 21-22)

Word jigsaw template (pages 23-24)

Knowledge organiser template (pages 25-26)

Vocab zones template (pages 26-29)

Oyster template (pages 30-31)

Shape linking template (pages 32-33)

Vocab spinner template (pages 34-35)

This sample shows teaching ideas for using a Frayer diagram template with students.

This template supports the detailed exploration of complex tier 3 words and allows students to think about the subtle differences between words.

  • Set students a Frayer word challenge. Display a series of Frayer diagrams, partly filled in (for example, the characteristics sections) and the students must work in pairs to populate the other sections.
  • Create a dynamic classroom display or vocab wall, adding Frayer diagrams each time you encounter new or unfamiliar words. Work collaboratively as a class to complete the diagram and welcome everyone’s input. 
  • Higher attaining students could create a set of Frayer diagrams of key words at the end of a unit of work. The diagrams could be shared with the class as a revision set, or used in lessons in a variety of ways i.e. guess the key word or play a game of Pictionary etc.
Word Gap Templates
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