Take 10: Dharavi

Last updated: 09/08/2022
Take 10: Dharavi
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Key stage
Urban environments and issues: Urban change in the less developed world
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Exam preparation

This resource is a visual and memorable way of revising the Dharavi case study. The appealing black and white icons use the principles of dual coding and retrieval practice to help students learn and recall key facts and to link those facts together to form a chain of knowledge.

The PowerPoint contains colour photos for use as a starter, and a selection of key terms to check students' understanding. It also presents the facts and models how to connect them. Students can cut out and annotate the picture strips from the Word document and then use a second strip to test their recall. 

The resource includes exam-style questions and self-assessment grids for the Eduqas B GCSE geography specification, but it may also be applicable to other exam boards.

An extract from the 10 facts:

There is a real sense of community as chores are completed socially.

There is a lot of rubbish in the slum. Many people earn money from sorting through rubbish to recycle and sell.

A $2 billion redevelopment project, Vision Mumbai, aims to replace the slum with apartments.

The redevelopment has been criticised for damaging community cohesion.


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