Take 10: River Mekong

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Take 10: River Mekong - revision tasks
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Resources: Water
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This revision resource was created to support the Eduqas B GCSE geography specification but may also be applicable to AQA and Edexcel A. It uses the principles of dual coding and retrieval practice to help students learn and recall key information about the River Mekong case study.

Students can cut out and annotate the picture strips from the Word document then use a second strip to test their recall. They can then write responses to the exam-style questions and check their answers against the self-assessment grids.

The PowerPoint contains colour photos that can be used as a starter and key words on the topic of resource management. It also presents the facts and models how to connect them to create a chain of knowledge.

Practice exam questions

Choose from the following questions, using the exam tips and revision notes to help you. Plan your answer below and then write it in your book or on paper.

  1. Explain the impacts of transboundary water in one location that you have studied. [6]
  2. Using an example that you have studied, explain how one transboundary river is used. [6]
  3. ‘International agreements will never solve transboundary water issues.’ How far do you agree with this statement? [8]
  4. Analyse the international issues facing future water management across national boundaries. [8]

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