What characterised the reign of Edward VI?

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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What characterised the reign of Edward VI?
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History: Tudor England
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This worksheet is suitable for teaching or reviewing Edward VI’s reign at KS3 or A-level. If done with key stage 3, some support with the written task would be advisable. At key stage 5, this resource could be used to introduce Edward VI’s challenges in a Tudors / Early Tudors unit, or to review and revise those challenges.

Students colour-code events on a timeline to sort them into categories. They then use the information to answer the question 'Which challenge facing Edward VI was the greatest, and can it be described as Edward's definitive challenge?'

The resource could be followed by Why did Edward VI create a succession crisis?, which explores the consequences of Edward’s appointing Lady Jane Grey as his heir.

An extract from the resource:

Background information

Edward VI, the son of Henry VIII, came to the throne at the age of only nine and ruled for six years. England had undergone a profound religious change during the reign of Henry VIII – the Break from Rome – and Edward’s reign was arguably defined by a series of challenges.

These challenges included:

  • conflict with Scotland
  • religious changes
  • clashes with powerful individuals
  • popular rebellions.

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