Fairy tale problems: Fractions and percentages

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Fairy tale problems: Fractions and percentages
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Practice finding fractions and percentages with KS3 students using these word problems with a fun fairy tale twist!

Featuring 8 word problems to solve, this worksheet makes a good review or practice activity and can be set as a starter, plenary or homework.

1. Cinderella’s ugly sisters have 63 dresses but throw away 1/3 of them.  How many do they have left?

2. The Wicked Queen has 32 poisoned apples in her basket but drops 8. What fraction of the total amount of apples are left in her basket?

3. Hansel took a bag of 55 pebbles. If he dropped 80% of his pebbles on the path, how many did he have left?

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