Forest school activity cards

Last updated: 15/03/2024
Forest school activity cards
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A great set of 8 fun and imaginative forest school activity cards, each with an engaging activity focusing EYFS and KS1 primary children on learning about their outdoor environment and nature.

What's included?

Each activity card includes an activity summary, equipment list and activity tips. Children are encouraged to explore their outdoor environment and take part in investigative and creative tasks to broaden their understanding of the outdoors. 

Activities include a mini-beast hunt, sensory walk and nature artwork, among others.

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A sample extract from the resource:

Activity summary

Treat children to a sensory experience with an outdoor walk wearing a blindfold. This will encourage them to focus on their other senses, such as hearing, smell and touch.

Equipment list


Activity tips

  • Start by telling children they will be enjoying an exciting new experience and describe their outdoor sensory walk.
  • Discuss how the children can focus on one sense at a time and describe what they are experiencing.
  • Talk about safety whilst wearing a blindfold and how to take care not to fall or hurt themselves.
  • Ask the children to put on a blindfold or help someone else to put theirs on.
  • Slowly guide them on their walk, encouraging them to stop, take note and describe their senses at certain points.

Afterwards, get the children to share what they have learned about their senses.

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