Minotaur for sale! Descriptive writing

Last updated: 09/05/2022
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Minotaur for sale! Descriptive writing task
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Children are invited to write a compelling description of the minotaur to persuade someone to buy it from King Minos! A word bank and sample text is provided for support. An engaging writing task for the topic of Ancient Greece or as part of work on myths and legends. 

An extract from the resource:

King Minos has appointed you to sell the Minotaur of his maze for money to save his daughter, Princess Ariadne, who has been kidnapped to a neighbouring island.

He wants you to produce a description of the Minotaur to use in a 'For sale' advertisement.

Remember to use persuasive language and powerful adjectives to allow the reader to create a picture in their mind!

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