GCSE periodic table revision

Last updated: 23/04/2024
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GCSE periodic table revision
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This comprehensive set of GCSE periodic table revision resources includes an A3 revision mat, A4 worksheets, and an interactive PowerPoint presentation. All these materials are designed to support GCSE chemistry and GCSE combined science students to deepen their understanding of the periodic table.

What’s included

  • FREE printable A3 revision mat for reviewing the periodic table at GCSE. (Free PDF)
  • A set of flexible GCSE periodic table revision resources available as an A3 revision mat, A4 worksheets or an interactive PowerPoint. All resources are editable and come with answers. (Subscribers only)

GCSE periodic table revision activities

These revision resources help GCSE students learn about and review the periodic table through engaging activities, including quizzes, trivia and grouping activities.

  • Colour coding the periodic table encourages students to categorise the elements based on their chemical properties. This will help students understand the relationship between an element's position on the periodic table and its chemical properties.
  • In the Element quiz, students are given atomic numbers and atomic masses and asked to identify the corresponding element. This will test their memorisation of the periodic table and their understanding of atomic numbers and atomic masses.
  • The Grouping game challenges students to classify elements into various categories. This will reinforce their understanding of different types of elements and their properties.
  • Flash facts provides interesting trivia about certain elements. This will engage students' interest and help them remember these elements more easily.

How to use these GCSE periodic table resources

For subscribers, you can choose from three versions of the revision resources. Each version contains the same revision activities but has been designed to suit different approaches to revision in the classroom or at home.

  • The A3 revision mat provides an all-in-one approach, with all the activities on one page. It can be printed out or used digitally.
  • The A4 revision worksheets provide a more ‘pick and mix’ option or a handy revision booklet that can be used in classwork, homework, or as part of a revision session.
  • The interactive PowerPoint presentation is a great ‘no print’ option that makes revision engaging and interactive. It can be used in the classroom for a fun and educational group activity.

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