How to describe a picture: Madrid Orgullo

Last updated: 15/11/2023
How to describe a picture: Madrid Orgullo
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This colourful and celebratory resource uses photos of the Madrid Pride festival (Madrid Orgullo or MADO) to revise and practise how to describe a picture in Spanish. It also teaches vocabulary for speaking or writing about the festival, such as ‘una carozza’ (a float), ‘un desfile’ (a parade) and ‘el arcoíris’ (the rainbow).

It can be used to prepare GCSE Spanish students for the photo card description task in the speaking exam or writing exam.

Students learn vocabulary for describing the Pride festival by filling in the missing letters and matching the Spanish words to their English translations. They then sort descriptive words in Spanish into categories, either by thinking of category headings for the groups of Spanish describing words on the PowerPoint or else by sorting the printable cards from the Word document.

Finally, they then have the opportunity to practise describing images in Spanish using the photos in the PowerPoint.

Examples of the Spanish describing words included in this resource:


  • hay
  • no hay
  • se puede ver

Aspecto físico

  • es ... / son ...
  • tiene los ojos azules
  • tiene el pelo castaño


  • en primer plano
  • al fondo
  • en el centro
  • a la derecha
  • a la izquierda
  • arriba
  • abajo

Suposiciones y opiniones

  • quizá(s)
  • tal vez
  • parece que
  • creo que
  • en mi opinión

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