Olympic Games teaching resources

This collection of Olympic and sport-themed teaching resources is designed to help you harness the excitement of the Olympic Games with fun and engaging classroom activities.

Bring the Olympic Games into your classroom

The Olympic Games offer a unique opportunity to explore a rich tapestry of history, culture, and international cooperation. From its ancient origins in Greece to its modern incarnation as a global celebration of athleticism and unity, the Olympics provide countless learning opportunities for students of all ages.

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Olympic learning opportunities

The Olympic Games provide an opportunity to stimulate learning, promote physical fitness and foster values such as teamwork, respect and fair play. Incorporate these Olympic and sport-themed resources to create engaging and exciting lessons that incorporate these important values and enhance learning.

Paris Summer Olympics 2024

The upcoming Paris Summer Olympics 2024 promises to be an event full of thrilling sports, inspiring stories and moments that will be remembered for years to come. As we anticipate this fantastic event, our resources can help you incorporate the games into your teaching plans.

Olympics and sport-themed resources for primary

Build children’s writing skills and introduce writing in different contexts with Olympics-themed sports reporting, biography writing and instructional writing activities. Introduce data handling activities that examine medal counts across the top-performing countries. Learn about the historical roots of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece or host your mini-Olympics at school to get children active. Plus, the Olympics is the perfect opportunity to help children learn more about a range of sports and how sports have evolved.

Incorporating Olympic sports into language learning

Explore French and Spanish teaching resources, from KS2 to KS4 that help primary and secondary students learn about different sports through engaging activities and worksheets. Students will learn key vocabulary and how to express their likes and dislikes while learning about the sports featured in the Olympic Games.