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We want to support teachers beyond our school trips. As part of our strategic partnership with the Geographical Association, we are proud to deliver award-winning teaching resources all year round. Our range of resources includes videos, classroom activities, quizzes and more, helping you bring life to the classroom. Access our informative videos, including our popular case studies on Eyjafjalljokull and Solheimajokull, or opt to download our assessment mats or activity posters.

Eyjafjallajokull: A geography case study

Geography case study of the world-famous 2010 eruption in Iceland. This 15-minute video covers the causes and impacts of the eruption, volcano monitoring and preparedness, and positive impacts on tourism.

Glaciology assessment mats

These assessment mats are primarily aimed at GCSE students, although they could also be beneficial for stretching your more able learners or as a foundation for students entering AS level studies.

Living in the shadow of Italy's volcanoes

Explore tectonic hazards in Bay of Naples, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. This video includes interviews with local experts and residents.

Solheimajokull: A geography case study

Explore the changes taking place on one of Iceland’s most visited glaciers, Solheimajokull, through this 18-minute video.

Turtles of Costa Rica

This display resource introduces students to the sea turtles of Costa Rica and the importance of their habitat, assesses the dangers that they face and encourages students to consider how they can help.

Changing places: Hveragerdi, Iceland

This video uses amazing aerial footage together with interviews to give the viewer an introduction to the development of Hveragerdi and a consideration of the factors that have shaped the nature of this changing place.

Coastal assessment mats

This resource is great for adding in that extra layer of depth to classroom activities or coaching students for exams or assessments.

Whales of Iceland

This display resource helps to introduce students not just to different whale species but to the concept of endangerment, and the key threats faced by marine life, such as ocean pollution, human activity and climate change.