Exploring 'The Broken Heart' by John Donne

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Trevor Millum
Exploring 'The Broken Heart' by John Donne
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John Donne
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An introductory resource for unseen poetry analysis which offers a poet's thoughts and reflections on John Donne's poem, followed by a series of student activities, including:

  1. Create a glossary for the six trickiest words in the poem (for example, chaws means chews). Use an online dictionary to help you.
  2. In groups of three, discuss the following questions. Who is being addressed in this poem? How is it to be spoken? What effect would the poet like it to have? How does the poet want to be viewed?   
  3. Try out different ways of delivering one stanza from the poem. Experiment with different voices, intonation and various gestures. 
  4. Complete your own analysis of the poem, focusing on Donne’s choice of language and structure.

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