New vocabulary graphic organiser

Last updated: 15/11/2023
New vocabulary graphic organiser
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If you are working on disciplinary literacy and vocabulary development, this handy new word graphic organiser helps students make meaningful connections with new vocabulary and learn to make links between words.

This flexible, printable template resource encourages students to explore the origins of new vocabulary (its root, as well as prefixes or suffixes) to enable students to consider the contextual issues surrounding vocabulary choices. There are also dual-coding tasks and definition tasks to help students to memorise the new word.   

Whatever subject or key stage you teach, this adaptable template can help to consolidate students' understanding of new words. 

A sample extract from the resource:

As we collect new words, we need to learn how to spell and understand them. Use this template to collect key information about a new word you’ve learnt to help you to remember it.

Definition in my own words.

Image of the word

Use the word in a sentence



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