Remembrance: Reflecting on the human cost of war

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Reflecting on the human cost of war presentation
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English: Language
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Role play/debate/discussion

Encourage students to reflect on the human cost of conflict with this PowerPoint presentation, designed as a reflective discussion and groupwork task on Remembrance Day.

This lesson resource could also be used as a pre-reading activity in English lessons before studying any war poetry.

Based on the popular question format (If this is the answer, what is the question?), students consider a range of shocking statistics from recent conflicts and decide what they think the statistics might represent.

The activity is also available as a card matching activity. Teaching notes are included.

This presentation could also work as a year group assembly or tutor group discussion activity on Remembrance day. 

An example slide from the presentation: 


Were there any statistics that shocked you or made that make you think twice about whether war can ever be justified?

How might pacifists try to resolve some of the world’s recent conflicts?

What can we all do to try and limit war across the world?

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