Sporting success: speaking and listening activities

Last updated: 02/05/2024
Sporting success speaking and listening tasks
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This set of three speaking and listening activities on a sporting theme is perfect for marking an important sporting event such as the World Cup, UEFA European Championship or Olympic Games with KS3-4 students. 

Students analyse a range of persuasive techniques in Queen Elizabeth II's 2022 opening ceremony speech for the Commonwealth Games, before choosing a speaking and listening task to complete. 

The tasks include:

  • writing a short opening or closing ceremony speech for a major sporting event
  • writing a song, rap or poem for a major sporting event
  • writing your interview comments after winning a major sporting event! 

Example questions from the resource: 

Persuasive language analysis

  1. How does the Queen include all of the Commonwealth countries in the first paragraph to connect to her audience?
  2. What triplet in the second paragraph shows the three most important aspects of the Games? Can you describe why they mean so much?
  3. Why is the noun ‘family’ emotive in this speech? What effect does it have for members of the Commonwealth?
  4. Identify three adjectives that are used to describe the city of Birmingham. How do they make the city sound in your view?
  5. Which words have the most impact on the listener in your opinion? Highlight them.

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