A winter poem in French

Last updated: 15/11/2023
A winter poem in French
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Students listen to and/or read the poem ‘Chanson pour les enfants l’hiver’ by Jacques Prévert then answer questions in the style of the AQA reading exam (2016 specification). 

A fun way of practising the exam format with year 10 students or introducing it in year 8 or year 9 – ideal for a fun Christmas lesson with an exam-focused learning objective. 

For an activity on this poem without an exam focus, try Prévert poem: 'Chanson pour les enfants l'hiver'.

An extract from the Higher tier worksheet:

Vrai, faux ou pas mentionné?

  1. Le bonhomme de neige marche lentement.
  2. Il y a du vent.
  3. Le bonhomme de neige a perdu sa pipe.
  4. Quelqu’un lui ouvre la porte.
  5. Il se réchauffe trop.

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