Take 10: Boscastle flood

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Take 10: Boscastle flood
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All weather hazards: Rainstorms
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This revision resource on the Boscastle case study associates key facts with striking black and white images using the principle of dual coding.

The information covers why the village of Boscastle is particularly susceptible to flooding, what caused the floods of August 2004, what the impacts were, and what has been done to mitigate future flooding events. 

Revision tips demonstrate how students can connect one fact to another to create a chain of knowledge. They can cut out and annotate the revision strips or else use them for oral recall practice.

The Word document contains practice exam questions on the causes and impacts of flooding, along with a mark scheme. The PowerPoint includes colour photos that can be used for a starter activity.



Practice exam questions:

Choose from the following questions, using the exam tips and revision notes to help you. Plan your answer below and then write it in your book or on paper.

  1. Explain the causes of flooding in one location that you have studied. [6]
  2. Explain the impacts of flooding in one location that you have studied. [6]
  3. Assess the extent to which human factors caused the flooding at Boscastle. [8]
  4. ‘Flooding is inevitable when settlements are built close to rivers.’ How far do you agree with this statement? [8]

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