Mastering GCSE dictation – German

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Mastering GCSE dictation – German
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This GCSE teaching pack is designed to improve key stage 3 and key stage 4 students’ dictation skills in German. It will prepare learners to successfully transcribe what they hear in German in order to assist them with the dictation question of the new GCSE listening exam.

What's included?

The 27-page pack consists of four stages to help teachers scaffold dictation activities – from phoneme/grapheme level to sentence level without support – in preparation for the 2024 specification of the GCSE exam.

Each stage showcases three detailed dictation exercises or games that gradually build in difficulty – with aims, instructions and, for the first three stages, further exploitation ideas.

A PowerPoint accompanies each of the four stages, and a fifth PowerPoint concentrates on exam practice questions in the style of the AQA and Edexcel dictation tasks.

The pack also includes a section with ideas on how to use digital technology to give students practice in dictation.

About the writers

The activities in this pack have been written for Teachit by well-known languages teachers and trainers Esmeralda Salgado and Suzi Bewell. They have been adapted for German by Silvia Bastow, who, besides being an experienced subject leader and teacher of German, is an SLE for MFL, a GCSE examiner, a Fellow of Chartered College of Teaching, a German Expert Mentor and a proud member of the Association for Language Learning council.

What's inside?


Stage 1: Low challenge – high support

  • Activity 1: Sound–spelling bingo dictation
  • Activity 2: Sound–spelling dictation mosaic
  • Activity 3: Sound–syllable dictation mosaic – building words from syllables
  • Extra activities and ideas

Stage 2: Medium challenge – medium support

  • Activity 1: Running dictation
  • Activity 2: Back-to-back dictation
  • Activity 3: Mad dictation
  • Extra activities and ideas

Stage 3: High challenge – low support

  • Activity 1: Scaffolded dictation at sentence level
  • Activity 2: Segmented dictation
  • Activity 3: High fives
  • Extra activities and ideas

Stage 4: High challenge – no support

  • Activity 1: Mistaken dictation
  • Activity 2: Finish the sentence
  • Activity 3: True/False photos

Exam-style dictation tasks

Digital tools for dictation

One of the dictation activities from this pack:

Mistaken sentences

Circle anything that is different from what you hear.

  1. Man sollte die Traditionen anderer Menschen respektieren. 
  2. In der Zukunft möchte ich als Polizistin arbeiten. 
  3. Manchmal gab es in meiner Schule viel Gewalt. 
  4. Meine Großmutter versteht Veganer wirklich nicht. 
  5. Mein Bruder würde gern im September seinen neuen Freund heiraten.
Mastering GCSE dictation – German
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