German pronunciation Connect 4

Last updated: 15/11/2023
German pronunciation Connect 4
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In this German pronunciation version of the classic Connect 4 game, students identify words from spoken sentences to win four in a row. Sample sentences are provided, but you could easily devise your own sentences for further rounds of the game.

Alternatively, you could use the PowerPoint version and have teams of students pronounce the words correctly themselves, either in isolation or in complete sentences, to win a round.

The words include frequently confused sounds such as [a] vs [ä] and [ei] vs [ie]. 

Sample sentences from the Connect 4 game:

  1. Er hat drei Brüder.
  2. Leider kann ich heute nicht kommen.
  3. Ich gehe gern schwimmen.
  4. Sei doch ruhig! Das Baby schläft immer noch!
  5. Das neue Kleid ist für dich.

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