Does Akbar deserve the title 'Great'?

Last updated: 12/12/2023
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Does Akbar deserve the title 'Great'?
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World history: Mughal India
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Help students explore the significance of Akbar the Great with this complete lesson including PowerPoint and printable worksheets.

The lesson covers various aspects of Akbar's life and empire, including his role in re-establishing the Mughals at a young age, the expansion of his empire, and the cultural and intellectual achievements during his reign. Students will learn critical thinking skills, historical analysis, and the ability to evaluate the significance of individuals and their achievements.

This resource includes a worksheet for recording decisions on Akbar's problems and a separate sheet with details about his military and economic challenges. By exploring Akbar's life and accomplishments, students will gain insights into the complexities of historical figures and the factors that contribute to their significance.

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