Early Elizabethan England, 1558–1588: Early society in the 'Age of Exploration' – Review sheet

Last updated: 19/12/2023
Contributor: Harriet Rix
Early Elizabethan England, 1558–1588: Early society in the 'Age of Exploration' – Review sheet
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Review key learning points on early society in the 'Age of Exploration' in this Early Elizabethan England topic review sheet for KS4.

Suitable for the Edexcel exam specification, it covers all the key knowledge for Key Topic 3. Use it as an end-of-topic revision resource or for interleaved practice and reviewing learning throughout the topic.

Available to download in two different printable versions:

  • Seven-page A4 printable with space to write their answers directly on the worksheets
  • One-page A3 printable designed for students to write their answers in their books.

All answers are included.

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An extract from the answers:

Section 3, Task 2:

1. Who or what was a vagabond? A person who travelled (left their home town) to try and find work.

2. Why were Elizabethans so worried about the poor? Give two reasons.

  • Poverty was increasing, and so the problem was getting worse.
  • Elizabethan people were warned, through publications like Harman’s Caveat, that increasing poverty would lead to crime.

3. Describe two features of government acts aimed at helping the poor.

  • Towns such as Ipswich (in 1569) introduced licences for ‘legal’ beggars.
  • The Vagabonds Act of 1572 forced people attempting to travel for work to return to their home towns and be ‘supported’ there.
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