Hitler's consolidation of power, 1933–1939: Review sheets

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Harriet Rix
Hitler's consolidation of power, 1933–1939: Review sheets
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These review sheets are designed to cover all the essential knowledge for key topic 3 of the Pearson Edexcel GCSE history option on Weimar and Nazi Germany.

They are great for all-in-one revision at the end of a topic or for interleaving and reviewing learning throughout the course.

They feature questions and answers on Hitler's consolidation of power between 1933 and 1939, including:

  • the Reichstag Fire
  • the Enabling Act
  • the Night of the Long Knives
  • the death of Hindenburg.

Activities include:

  • 'describe' and 'explain' tasks
  • colour-coding
  • sentence completion
  • an exam-style question with a PEEL framework
  • practice interpreting sources.

This resource is provided in two versions. The 10-page version contains space for students to write and includes answers; it is designed to be printed in A4 format. The one-page version is designed to be printed in A3 format, with students discussing the answers and writing them in their books.

See also: Hitler's rise to power, 1919–1933: Review sheets.

An extract from the answers:

2. The Enabling Act – March 1933

Describe what it was: A law which gave Hitler the power to pass laws without the Reichstag for four years.

Explain how it was passed: The Nazis bullied and intimidated other parties into voting for it and banned the communists after the Reichstag Fire.

Explain why it consolidated Hitler’s power: Hitler no longer needed to achieve a majority in the Reichstag to pass laws.

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