Empire and migration overview: Exam-style question walk-through

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Empire and migration overview: Exam-style question walk-through
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Thematic studies: Migration
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An introduction to the four question types in a GCSE AQA exam paper on 'Migration, empires and the people':

  • How useful is this source ...?
  • Explain the significance ...
  • Explain two ways in which X was similar to Y.
  • 'X was the key factor in Y.' To what extent do you agree?

The resource offers guidance on how SPaG marks are awarded. It provides handy dos and don'ts and a model answer for each question type. Students highlight or annotate the model answers to pick out the key components. They also work on what makes a good point for a significance paragraph or a similarities essay. Finally, they write an essay plan and a conclusion for a factors essay.

This resource can be used to follow on from the following series of lessons:

  1. A teacher’s overview of how this unit might be taught thematically (38-lesson plan)
  2. An overview resource for ‘Gaining an empire
  3. An overview resource for ‘Losing an empire
  4. An overview resource for migration
  5. An overview resource for developing English and British identities.

An extract from the model answer for the source question:

This reveals the violence with which Britain would defend its Empire, especially when ‘British citizens’ were seen to be in danger. That this source comes from Punch magazine but was a very serious cartoon shows how seriously the events were taken in Britain ...

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