AS French speaking cards: La musique francophone contemporaine

Last updated: 15/11/2023
AS French speaking cards: La musique francophone contemporaine exam preparation
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Three AS speaking cards in the style of the AQA exam. They are on the sub-theme of contemporary French music, within the theme of artistic culture in the French-speaking world.

Each card covers one of the three topics from the AQA AS French specification:

  • La diversité de la musique francophone contemporaine (Diversity of contemporary French music)
  • Qui écoute et apprécie cette musique? (Who listens to and appreciates this music?)
  • Comment sauvegarder cette musique? (How to protect this music?)

The first two cards are about music from Quebec, while the third is about music quotas on French national radio stations.

The cards and sub-themes/topics are also relevant for AQA A-level French, but the level of difficulty of the explanatory text and the bullet points is specifically tailored to AS students.

The explanatory text from the second AS French speaking card:, la plateforme musicale de Radio-Canada qui regroupe plus de 150 webradios de musique francophone, offrira cet automne une programmation forte et originale, où les grands classiques se retrouveront côte à côte avec les découvertes du moment. L’engagement d’ICI Musique est de « faire rayonner la musique francophone ».

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