Quadratic simultaneous equations worksheet

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Quadratic simultaneous equations worksheet
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Use this worksheet to revise or practise solving quadratic simultaneous equations at GCSE. Includes an introduction, worked examples, practice questions, extension questions and answers.

What's inside this worksheet

In this worksheet, students will be introduced to solving simultaneous equations to find coordinates for graphs containing a quadratic curve/circle/ellipse and a straight line. There are three worked examples to walk students through factorising, rearranging, substituting and simplifying quadratic equations, and using the quadratic formula. Students will then be able to practise solving simultaneous equations with 10 practice questions plus 4 extension questions (all answers are included).

How to use this worksheet

Use for GCSE maths revision or in-class practice, this worksheet is suitable for all exam boards.

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Sample from the introduction:

A quadratic curve/circle/ellipse and a straight line can produce these 3 possible outcomes:

1.Β The line can intersect the curve at two distinct coordinates

2.Β The line meets the curve at one coordinate – it is a tangent to the curve

3.Β The line does not intersect the curve

We can use algebra to find the exact intersection coordinates by solving simultaneous equations.

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