Solving simultaneous equations graphically worksheet

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Solving simultaneous equations graphically worksheet
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Maths: Algebra
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Use this worksheet to introduce or revise solving simultaneous equations graphically at GCSE. Includes worked examples and GCSE maths exam-style practice questions with answers.

What’s included in this worksheet

Students will learn how to use graphs to solve linear simultaneous equations with straight line graphs which have a point of intersection or two parallel straight lines. Practice questions involve using graphical methods to solve simultaneous equations, identifying positive and negative gradients, labelling linear graphs with the correct equations and creating linear graphs for a pair of simultaneous equations.

How to use this worksheet

This worksheet is great for practising and reinforcing concepts when introducing students to solving simultaneous equations graphically, or for GCSE maths revision. For further practice, try Graphical solutions of simultaneous equations or Graphs and simultaneous linear and quadratic equations review sheet.

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