End of term KS3 maths quiz

Last updated: 25/06/2024
End of term KS3 maths quiz
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Maths: Number
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This interactive maths quiz for key stage 3 is perfect for lesson activities towards the end of term.

What's included?

PowerPoint quiz featuring four rounds of maths questions:

  • Number-related general knowledge questions
  • Maths vocabulary questions
  • Multiple choice shape questions
  • Dingbats round.

Includes answer sheet slides.

How to use this end-of-year maths quiz

Covering maths topics like geometry and algebra this quiz tests students' mental maths and numeracy skills and provides an opportunity for maths revision but with a little added fun.

Try this quiz with your KS4 maths classes for light relief and a review of core GCSE maths skills developed from key stage 3.

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Round 1: Numbers, numbers everywhere (general knowledge)

  1. How many millimetres are in three metres?

  2. What is the width of a piece of A4 paper in cm (when held portrait)?

  3. What number lies directly opposite the number three on a standard die?

  4. How many zeros are in a billion?

  5. How many months are in 5 years?

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