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Last updated: 02/05/2024
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These 'ai' sound word list and flashcard resources offer a fun and interactive way to reinforce the 'ai' sound and support children in developing their early reading and pronunciation skills.

What’s included?

  • Printable ‘ai’ sound word list (available as a FREE PDF)
  • Printable and editable ‘ai’ sound flashcards
  • Teaching notes and activity ideas

How can these ‘ai’ sound word resources be used in the classroom?

The 'ai' sound word list and flashcards are versatile tools that can be used to enhance phonics teaching. Use them to support individual or group learning and to reinforce the 'ai' sound in words.

The 'ai' sound word list consists of 18 words that contain the 'ai' sound and can be used to teach children to recognise and pronounce this particular sound. Use the flashcards for individual or group revision. Simply show the word and ask the child to read it aloud, emphasising the 'ai' sound. This can help in improving their pronunciation skills and instilling confidence in reading out loud.

The word list can be used for a variety of fun and interactive games, such as phonics bingo or a sound hunt. These activities not only make learning enjoyable but also encourage children to identify and pronounce the 'ai' sound in different contexts.

3 activities for learning ‘ai’ sounds using these resources

  1. Phonics bingo: Create a bingo card for each child with these words. The teacher calls out the words and the children cross them off their cards. The first one to cross off all their words shouts 'Bingo!'.
  2. Sound hunt: Hide these words around your classroom or outdoor area and encourage children to find them. They can then read the words aloud, emphasising the 'ai' sound.
  3. Word wall: Create a word wall in your classroom dedicated to the 'ai' sound. Add these words and encourage children to contribute more 'ai' sound words as they discover them.

Download the resource for more learning ideas!

‘ai’ sound word list

aim faint
aid drain
rail grain
rain braid
pail plain
gain paint
pain chair
main claim
tail snail

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