Connectives word list for KS2

Last updated: 25/04/2024
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Connectives word list for KS2
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This supportive resource helps primary KS2 children to understand the different categories of connectives with extensive word lists to review and learn.

What's included?

  • FREE printable PDF connectives word lists mat.
  • Editable and printable connectives word lists, a cut and stick connectives worksheet, teacher notes and connectives activity ideas. (Subscribers only)

How to use the connectives word lists

These connectives resources are particularly helpful for year 5 and 6 children as they build confidence in writing and prepare for the SATs.

Included is a fun cut and stick activity where children cut out the connectives and stick them in the correct category: causal connectives, time connectives, comparing connectives, contrasting connectives, adding connectives and illustrating connectives. 

Engaging activities for using connectives

The teacher notes offer suggested activities to accompany the connectives word lists, including:

  • Connective stories: Ask children to write a short story or sentence using a specific connective.
  • Connective match-up: Use the cut and stick activity and have children match the connectives to their respective categories.
  • Connective hunt: Provide a text and ask children to identify and highlight the different connectives used.

Looking for more like this?

If you're looking for more connectives resources, browse the Connectives collection. 

A sample extract from this resource:

Adding connectives


-as well as




-in addition

-one reason

-a further point

-after all

-apart from this

-an additional point


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