Diary of a WW1 soldier – writing activity

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Diary of a WW1 soldier – writing activity
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This differentiated diary writing activity for upper key stage 2 is perfect for Remembrance Day or for a WW1 history topic.

It features two writing frames (labelled A for low-middle attainers and B for higher attainers) and a sheet of sentence starters and key vocabulary. Having begun by revising the features of a diary, children are asked to consider the order of events, what the soldier might see, hear, smell and touch and what they might be feeling. Each writing frame features scenario cards to help children pinpoint a moment to write about and a planning grid. It also includes a striking poppy-themed writing template on which children can write their finished diary entry. 

Writing frame B also includes scenario cards from different perspectives, for example from a wife seeing her husbnad off to war and from the mother of a son fighting in the trenches. 

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An extract from the resource:

Imagine that you are a soldier from the First World War, a time when the world was engulfed in one of the most significant conflicts in history. Through the turmoil and horrors of war, you find strength in the pages of your diary where you can capture the moments of courage, fear and hope that you experience along the way. Today, you will write your latest diary entry reflecting on a key moment before, during or after the war.

Sample scenario:

It is the 11 November 1918 and you have received news that the war is over. You are ready to leave the trenches and make your way home to be reunited with your loved ones whilst remembering the friends you have lost in the war.

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