KS2 SATs poem reading practice – Throwing a Tree

Last updated: 26/02/2024
KS2 SATs poem reading practice – Throwing a Tree
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This useful KS2 poetry resource features reading practice questions to support children in building poetry analysis and reading skills in preparation for the SATs.

What's included?

  • A printable sample SATs reading paper which includes an extract of the poem 'Throwing a Tree' by Thomas Hardy
  • Practice questions for SATs reading paper 2 based on the extract
  • An answer paper with mark scheme.

How are these KS2 SATs poem reading practice questions useful?

These practice questions offer students a chance to broaden and consolidate their reading paper skills, helping them become familiar with question types, wording, and textual analysis that they'll encounter in the exam.

How to use this SATs poetry resource for KS2?

Teachers can utilise this resource in the classroom for practice before the SATs. It can also be assigned as homework or used for revision to reinforce learning.

Looking for more like this?

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A sample extract from the resource:

  1. ‘Bearing two axes with heavy heads …’


Can you explain what the word ‘bearing’ means?


1 mark


  1. ‘The two executioners stalk along over the knolls …’


Why has the poet chosen the word ‘executioners’ to describe the men? Think about what the men are about to do.


1 mark


  1. Look at the verse beginning: ‘Jackets doffed …’


Find and copy a group of words that means the same as ‘a large cut’.


1 mark


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