Safer Internet Day assembly

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Safer Internet Day assembly
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PSHE and wellbeing
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Safer Internet Day takes place every February. This assembly discusses some of the more common themes that come up for primary-aged children when dealing with tricky online situations. Children will learn simple strategies to help keep themselves safe online.

The resource comprises teaching notes and a PowerPoint presentation. The assembly is intended to be approximately 20 minutes long.

An extract from the resource:

Explain that these days, with the Internet, people worry a lot about problems online, especially as children start to become more independent in the online world.

Tell the children that it worries you as a teacher, too, and you have to admit that you have been bagging up your worries instead of dealing with them properly.

Hold up the bag of worries and ask: Do you think you can help me with my internet worries?

Explain that this week, we are participating in Safer Internet Day. Nothing in the world can be 100% safe, so we will aim to make things safer instead.

Tell the children that you are now going to throw the worries out there – literally! Tell them if they catch one, to carefully unwrap it and look at the number at the top. You will ask them to read it aloud when that worry comes up.

Throw the worries out. (You might want to direct your throws towards the older children in the school, who will be more confident with this task.)

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