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Last updated: 26/02/2024
Sentence builder
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This sentence builder is a valuable tool designed to help students enhance basic sentences into more detailed and independent structures.

What’s included?

  • A simple template to assist students in identifying sentence units.
  • 40 basic sentence examples for students to work from.
  • Space for students to craft their improved sentences, facilitating creativity and skill-building.

Why use a sentence builder?

Sentence builders are useful because they help children deconstruct a sentence into its basic elements, understand the function of different word classes, and learn how to create more complex sentences by making more sophisticated choices.

How to use this sentence builder in your classroom

In the classroom, students should start by selecting a sentence strip and copying it onto the sentence builder template. They then use the chart to brainstorm appropriate adjectives, adverbs, and a 'place' noun, using the original sentence for the who/what noun and the verb. With these brainstormed words, students can construct a 'new and improved' version of the original sentence, writing it in the space provided below the chart.

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A sample extract of basic sentences for children to work from:

  • The cat is sleeping.
  • The car is moving.
  • The river is flowing.
  • The fish is swimming.
  • The clock is ticking.
  • The man is driving. 
  • The train is speeding. 
  • The window closes. 
  • The flag is fluttering. 
  • The lights are flashing.

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