Subordinating conjunctions: I SAW A WABUB

Last updated: 11/04/2024
Subordinating conjunctions: I SAW A WABUB
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These fun and engaging resources are designed to help KS2 children remember and use subordinating conjunctions in their sentence creation using the acronym I SAW A WABUB.

What’s included?

  • I SAW A WABUB poster with a fun monster design
  • I SAW A WABUB bookmarks
  • I SAW A WABUB worksheet featuring a cut and stick activity and a writing template

How to use these I SAW A WABUB resources

Introduce the poster with its fun monster design as a visual aid to help children remember the subordinating conjunctions (If, Since, As, When, Although, While, After, Before, Until, Because). Use the bookmarks during reading activities or stuck in their books as a handy reminder for children to incorporate subordinating conjunctions in their sentence creation. The worksheet, featuring a cut and stick activity, can be used to reinforce concepts — children can match conjunctions to sentences before using the writing template to create their own sentences using I SAW A WABUB conjunctions to practice what they've learned.

Three ways to encourage your KS2 pupils to use subordinate clauses

  1. Introduce and reinforce with visuals: Use visuals like the I SAW A WABUB poster and bookmarks to introduce and remind students of subordinating conjunctions. This can make the concept more engaging and easier to remember.
  2. Incorporate interactive activities: Use worksheets with activities like cutting and sticking the correct conjunctions to sentences. This can make learning more interactive and hands-on, which can help reinforce the concept.
  3. Encourage application: Have students create their own sentences using the I SAW A WABUB conjunctions. This encourages them to apply what they've learned and practice using subordinate clauses in their own writing.

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Example sentences from the I SAW A WABUB worksheet activity:

We decided to go for a walk although it was raining.

She went to bed early because she was feeling poorly.

I found my lost pencil case while I was tidying my room.

She managed to finish her work quickly as she had no distractions.

We went for dinner after the movie ended.

We will stay indoors if it rains.

She has been feeling tired since she started waking up early.

I was playing with my toys when Mum called me for dinner.

I want you to wait here until I come back.

Make sure to turn off the lights before you leave.

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