What am I? Christmas guessing game

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Joanne Barwell
What am I? Christmas guessing game
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This Christmas guessing game is based on the game 'Three clues' and is perfect for EYFS or KS1! 

On each of the 20 cards are three clues to a festive item or character. A player (or adult) reads the first clue to the child next to them. If the child guesses correctly after the first clue, they win three points. If not, play passes on. If the answer is guessed after the second clue, the player wins 2 points. If the child guesses after the third and final clue, they win a point. The winner is the child or team with the most points. The game can be played in small groups or as a whole class in teams.

The game includes descriptions of Father Christmas, Rudolph, a  Christmas tree, a star, fairy lights, wrapping paper, an elf and so on. Great fun for your younger learners in the run-up to Christmas!


Sample cards from the game:

1. I am a food.

2. I have fruit inside.

3. I am made of pastry.

(Mince pie)

1. I am fast.

2. I travel around the world.

3. I am filled with presents.


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