What do you know about AI? Comprehension activity

Last updated: 15/11/2023
What do you know about AI? Comprehension activity
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An upper KS2 teaching resource about artificial intelligence designed to develop learners’ comprehension skills and get children thinking about the pros and cons of AI.

This reading comprehension activity looks at the origins and development of AI along with the advantages and disadvantages of the use of AI as opposed to human intelligence. It includes two differentiated sets of comprehension questions and two extension tasks. One of these asks children to consider Professor Stephen Hawking's statement that artificial intelligence would be ‘either the best, or the worst thing, to happen to humanity.’ The other asks learners to consider how they would use AI technology to improve lives. 

An extract from the text:

Artificial Intelligence is also known as machine learning since the computer or machine learns from its data and no longer requires input from a computer programmer. A good example of this is online television streaming services such as Netflix where recommendations on what you might like to watch next are based on your viewing preferences. Over time, content will be tailored more specifically to your view choices.


In AI, the computer or machine can learn from its mistakes and approach a task differently the next time. It is learning to ask its own questions and not just respond to a question asked by a human.

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