Write a recipe for winter – a poetry activity

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Write a recipe for winter – a poetry activity
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This scaffolded winter poetry activity for key stage 1 is based on Christina Rossetti’s famous poem, ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’. It asks children to read the first verse of the poem and to use it as a stimulus to collect words and phrases to describe winter. Children are then asked to use the example and the writing frame on the printable worksheet to write their own version as a recipe poem. They are given a range of sentence starters as a prompt for their creative writing.

This winter poem activity could also be used as a prompt for a Christmas poem. For more seasonal poetry activities, see our poetry collection.

An example winter poem from the resource:

You will need:

  • a bucketful of snowflakes
  • a frozen lake
  • a sprinkle of sunshine
  • an ounce of wind
  • a dash of Christmas spirit


  1. First take a bucketful of snowflakes and pour it evenly over the earth. Pour in a frozen lake to make a beautiful wintry landscape.
  2. Add an ounce of wind – not too much, we want to play in the snow!
  3. Now add a sprinkle of sunshine and see the snow sparkle.
  4. Throw in a handful of snowballs for fun and a dash of Christmas spirit.
  5. Mix together for the perfect winter’s day!

Now write your own recipe poem for a perfect winter’s day!

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