Write a spring alphabet poem

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Write a spring alphabet poem
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This key stage 1-2 scaffolded poetry writing activity is perfect as a reading comprehension and to inspire some spring poetry.

Children are asked to read the classic poem by John Clare, ‘On a Lane in Spring’ and to highlight the spring words. They are then asked to use these and their own ideas to complete a bank of spring-themed words, ensuring they have one for each letter of the alphabet. (You may want to give them fewer to begin with.)

Using the example given, children then use the writing frame to write their own spring poem.

Children could also use the worksheet as an acrostic poem template to write a spring acrostic poem where the first letter of each line is the first letter of the spring-themed word or phrase.

This is a lovely resource for World Poetry Day in March or for Easter, or it could also be used to write an Earth Day acrostic poem.

An extract from the resource:

Highlight the spring words in the poem and use them and your own ideas to write an alphabet inspired by the sights and sounds of nature in springtime. Some examples have been added to get you started.

Use your word list to inspire an alphabet poem about spring. See the example below to help you get started.

A is an arum leaf peeping through the ground.

B is a bottle green fly resting on a leaf.

C is a chirping bird flying in the sky.

D is a daffodil blowing gently in the breeze.

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